Choose a right path & training to start your career in cyber security

The main motive of this blog is to understand the different cybersecurity fields and how you can join cybersecurity for career perspective.

The first question comes in mind that how do you kick start your career in this field whether you are an IT student or a Non-IT student ( at least have a basic understanding of internet and networks).

So let’s make it simple because it is necessary to understand what type of knowledge you have before joining this field. So let’s divide your knowledge into some categories:-

  1. A good programmer and good command in networking.
  2. Good programmer but not good in networking
  3. Good command over networks but not good in programming
  4. Basic understanding of programming and networking
  5. A general idea about web and network.
  6. Not good in network and programming but wants to join cybersecurity.

So choose a category in which you are good, now I will be explaining all of the mazer fields so choose any as per your knowledge base.

    1. IT  Risk, Governance & Compliance: –  Every organization working flow is based on three pillars (i).people   (ii) process  (iii) Technology.

According to webopedia

Governance, Risk and Compliance, or GRC for short, refers to a company’s coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management (ERM) and corporate compliance with regard to regulatory requirements.

Specifically, the three pillars of GRC are:


 Which training is more suitable to start your career in the cyber security domain:

If you are a newbie and not have any idea about cyber security domain then Certified ethical hacker is the best program to start your career & also for personal cybersecurity awareness.

If you have a basic understanding of Cybersecurity or you are a certified ethical hacker then join Network security  Or Web Application security or both.

Mobile Application Security & IOT security are for those who need to enhance their skills in a more practical way and wants to update their skills from an existing level.

GRC, SOC, Forensics are for those who wanna start their career in management, Identity & access management and forensics.

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